HOON Australian Punk/Garage band @Swaf

7 juni


HOON Australian Punk/Garage band @Swaf

All the way from Australia, Garage punk hellraisers ‘HOON’, bring their chaotic, uncanny and cheerful live show out of the pits of Australia, and into Europe for the first time! 

From organising their own festival’s and touring nationally and internationally, to playing in alleyways and in front of churches; Australian garage punk’s HOON ain’t strangers to the big stages, dive bar exchanges or DIY ragers. With their overly-animated live shows punctuated by relentless punk-dynamics and uncompromising on-stage energy, Hoon are a band who frequently skirt the line between the maniacal and total mayhem, with a punk-rock attitude to match.

Musically, songs ricochet between raucous two-minute punk thrillers to dynamic five-minute progressive ballads, signposted lyrically with equal parts sociological commentary to Australian political critique. Hoon holds a mirror to their country with a laugh, a beer and a smokescreen smirk. Let’s have some fun! https://open.spotify.com/artist/4AH8Ftoxh1ZS2lrBxHNvb0?si=cjCiStSSSUKysbUaxwpDYg