Deathcaps @Swaf

5 april


Deathcaps @Swaf

Psychobilly from the darkest depths of South London and beyond. Decompose with the unearthly Sounds of London’s DEATHCAPS, a band that has meticulously crafted a signature sound that combines elements of psychobilly, punk, and a dash of the macabre, leaving their listeners haunted yet yearning for more and weaving a sonic tapestry that beckons audiences to decompose and resurrect with every note.

Since 2015, DEATHCAPS has shared stages with psychobilly legends like Demented are Go, Guana Batz, Nekromatix, Mad Sin, King Kurt,  Moonshine Stalkers, Rezurex, Gutter Demons, The Creepshow, The Brains & many more.

From the eerie depths of their sound emerges a live experience that lingers in the soul, showcased at festivals like Bedlam Breakout, Psychobilly Freakout, The Klub and Whitby Goth weekend.

Join DEATHCAPS on a journey where music is a ritual, and the audience willingly succumbs to the transformative power of their stomping rhythms whilst wrecking to the max!